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Suspect nabbed after chase on wheels, feet

Tracy Ambrose

Sun Advocate associate editor

A 35-year-old man was booked into Carbon County Jail Monday afternoon for driving on an expired license, among other things.

The other accusations are:

Stealing a truck to drive on an expired license;

Stealing another truck to drive;

Evading arrest by leading police on a vehicle chase through northwest Price;

Evading arrest by abandoing the stolen truck and taking off on foot.

The suspect, Tracy Ambrose, has no address but his expired driver's license is from Oklahoma, according to Carbon County Chief Deputy Sheriff Tom Stefanoff.

Stefanoff said Ambrose began to get in trouble when he stole a pickup truck on Old Wellington Road.

He then drove the stolen vehicle to Pierce Oil in Price, where he left it in the parking lot and took another pickup that was not his.

As deputies, Price Police and Utah Highway Patrol troopers gave chase, Ambrose drove through a fence at the old Division of Wildlife Resources building and zig-zagged his way into the residential area in northwest Price.

Law enforcement officers established a perimeter around the area, and had the suspect cornered. Ambrose then jumped out of the truck and began scrambling up a dirt hill.

Stefanoff and Price officer John Bowen ran after Ambrose and nabbed him.

"He appeared to be under the influence of some kind of drug, so we called an ambulance to be on the safe side," Stefanoff said.

When Ambrose was released from Castleview Hospital, he was booked into jail.

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