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Spring Glen woman hopes those who shot her dog with BBs will be caught

Elena Byrge holds Prissy.

Sun Advocate reporter

A Spring Glen woman is waiting and hoping that those responsible for shooting her dog with BBs will be caught.

Elena Byrge said her 12-year-old Chipaw dog, Prissy, was shot multiple times on her front legs about two months ago. Byrge said she noticed the dog was limping and had difficulty walking around. She checked Prissy and noticed that each time a front paw was touched, the dog would cry out in pain.

Byrge took the dog to a veterinarian and X-rays showed there were BBs imbedded in the dog's front paws. Byrge said she called the Carbon County Sheriff's Office and filed a police report. She claims officers found BBs near her home.

About a week or two following the first incident, Byrge said Prissy was shot at again with more BBs. Byrge said veterinarians have told her the dog will require reconstructive surgery on her front legs due to the damage sustained from the two shootings.

Byrge said Prissy was once named as the official mascot for Rep. Jim Matheson when she jumped out of Byrge's bag during a meeting she attended in Salt Lake City when Prissy was a puppy.

At her home in Spring Glen, Byrge said Prissy has access to go outside through a doggy door. The door leads to a kennel that is enclosed with a fence to keep Prissy and other dogs from getting out into the open.

Byrge said she has never had any problems with her dogs getting loose in the area before. She believes a person walked up to the kennel gate, opened it and then shot her dog before running off.

Byrge said no one has been caught to this day. She is currently working on trying to secure the funding necessary to get the leg surgeries for Prissy as soon as possible.

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