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BLM proposes changes in permitting system for Desolation, Gray Canyons

The Bureau of Land Management Price Field Office is announcing a 30-day opportunity for the public to provide input on proposed changes to its river permitting system for the Desolation and Gray Canyons of the Green River. 

The proposal would convert the existing permitting system for private boaters from a first-come, first-serve call-in reservation process, to an online lottery reservation process on the website If the proposal is approved, private river permit lottery applications for the 2013 season would be accepted between Dec. 1, 2012 and Jan. 31, 2013.  A detailed analysis of the proposed changes is included in the BLM Price Field Office's Draft Business Plan for Desolation Gray Canyons of the Green River. 

The BLM says the proposed conversion to would provide Desolation and Gray Canyon boaters with several benefits, including simpler fee rates, a more streamlined and convenient process to apply for a river permit, more flexibility and less stringent timeframes to make changes to group sizes, and the ability to instantly print river permits from home. 

Most importantly, customer service would continue to be provided by staff at the BLM Price Field Office, in addition to new customer service support that would be provided by staff.  In conformance with the BLM's legal mandate to establish the minimum number of recreation fees and avoid the collection of multiple or layered recreation fees, the conversion to would also reduce the number of fees required to obtain a river permit. serves as the federal government's collective source of outdoor recreation opportunities on federal lands and waters administered by 12 different government agencies, and the Desolation-Gray Canyon river permitting process would become more consistent with other river permit systems across the country. 

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