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Letters to the editor

By James Selby

They want control

This letter is in response to the letter from Linda Dinkelman (Letters the the editor, Sun Advocate, Thursday, Oct. 4).

Where were you and the rest of the miners in 2008 when during the campaign Mr. Obama said, "If you want to build a coal fired power plant go ahead but you will go bankrupt" or some such wording. That should have sent coal miners in droves to vote against him, but as we know they did not.

Those that control the Democratic Party are not Democrats. They have grown up with radicals that do not believe in the American way of life. They believe you should pay for the two and a half people who pay no taxes, and then they want you to pay for more. You may remember the cartoon "How much did you make last year? Send it in."

The more people that depend on the government the better it is for them. I just do not understand why people remain in the Democratic Party.

Have they not proved to you already that they want to control your life from the beginning to the end?

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