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We're all different when it comes to seasons

Sun Advocate publisher

Everyone has different tastes in most things. And weather is definitely one of them.

As I walked out of the Carbon Events Center on Friday afternoon, I passed a group of people talking on the way to my truck. As I walked by I heard one woman say "Look at the snow on those mountains (as she pointed west toward the Wasatch Plateau). I can't believe we have snow already, and it's so cold. I can't wait for summer to come again."

I turned and looked at her but didn't say anything. She had on a big winter jacket, all zipped up. I looked up at the sky. The rain had stopped and the sky was clearing beautifully. It must have been 65 degrees and I thought it was just lovely. Oh and the snow on those mountains? It looked great to me.

How different we all are. I thought the rain last week, the cool weather and the little bit of snow in the distance was beautiful. Not everyone shared my idea of perfect, I guess.

Saturday I went up the the Uintah Basin for a family event and as we pulled through the lower part of Indian Canyon the thick snow on the Uinta Mountains could be seen in the distance. I understand they got between 10-14 inches of snow at the high elevations. The fall sun was out, but the cool temperature made for the perfect drive. Windows down we drove through Duchesne County and to Vernal. I saw other people in their cars with their windows up and coats on.

My daughter in law says that in another life I was an Eskimo. She may be right. While I love all the seasons, I love winter, just not the kind we had last year. It was cold much of the time, but there was so little snow it was almost unbelievable.

I often hear people complain in the winter about the roads, the cold, the being stuck inside. The fact is, that being stuck inside is more a problem for me in the summer. I hate the heat; I can always get warm in the winter. I just can't always get cool in the summer. That doesn't mean I hate summer; there are a lot of great things about it including beautiful evenings and cool water in streams and lakes.

The thing about winter is that if you dress properly, you can have fun. It's all about clothes and layers. That season's coming soon so find a winter activity that you would like to do: skiing, snow shoeing, snowmobiling or even just building a snow man. It can be fun and there is nothing like a crisp, sunny winter day to make one feel alive. And there is something to that sitting in front of the fireplace and looking out the window at the snow coming down. Then there are the holidays and celebrations that make winter even better.

My point? Enjoy it all and find a way to work with it. Don't wish your life away thinking about a season in the future. Make the most of what you have at the time.

Life is just way to short to worry about the snow and the cold that will come.

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