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Public Notice


	The following have unclaimed property with Price City:

	Marilyn Elllis	Brenda J. Conner
	Crystal R. Sherman	Jamie E. Laparra
	Braxton Burton	Steven Breaux
	Price Busters Consignment	James E. Taylor
	Chrys Ragsdale	Nicholas R. Madrigal
	Mackenzie T. Lawrence	Willis Olson
	Patrick J. Hester	Elias Nunez
	Ricky J. Chris	Erin L. Vinelli
	Loy Michelle Grimm	Elizabeth Tonne
	Jonathan M. Adams	Christi T. Morrell
	Kevin Mills	Anna Macdonald
	Beatrice Perez	Darin G. Lahti
	Walter E. Mendoza	Shirley Wareham
	Chris B. Wardle	Jeffrey A. Savage

	Contact Price City Treasurer's office for more information, 185 East
Main, Room 103, Price, UT or call 435-636-3161.
Published in the Sun Advocate October 16 and 18, 2012.

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