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Letters to the editor

By Cheryl Olsen Ransom

We need fairness

The July Seely Fire completely destroyed the Olsen family cabin. Our cabin was the only structure burned. Preventive Action was provided to other cabins in the area but not to our humble abode. Residents of the area were allowed to go in and take out values, but we were not given that courtesy. We called the fire hot line several times a day and were empathically told that our property was safe, even after the fire destroyed the structure on July 5th.

The fire wasn't managed well-a backburn caused our cabin to be destroyed.

To add Insult to injury, the Carbon County Commission Chairman and Planning Commission told us that we couldn't rebuild our cabin because we only had 30 acres and the new requirement upon which to build was 40 acres. They won't give us a new permit. The Carbon County Assessors Office grandfathered our cabin in and reevaluated our property in 2011. They have cashed our tax check for our cabin/property for 2012. By cashing the check, they acknowledged that our cabin was legal on 30 acres.

Commissioner John Jones told the 90 year old owners, Ken and Geneva Olsen that if the cabin was rebuilt, he would see that it was torn down He also admitted that there were 60 other cabins in the area that were in non-compliance but that nothing would be done to them.

This is a sad example of discrimination of the elderly, and the poor.

We don't want to sue anyone.We don't want to cause trouble. However we do have the support of the Utah State Engineear, Marc Stilson regarding the water requirements, and sewer/septic requirements as well as Dr. Bjork from the Southeastern Utah Health Department. But we do not have support from Commissioner Jones nor Dave Levanger of Carbon County's Planning and Zoning Department.

Justice is nothing unless it is tempered with mercy. We desperately need public support on this issue.

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