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Foul on the play and government

Sun Advocate reporter

As any National Football League fan knows, the recent official's strike was a difficult period for one of the most popular organizations in the world. When it comes right down to it, fans are fanatical and when you replace seasoned professional officials with their junior college brethren, well let's just say the result isn't pretty. It took three weeks for the league to truly see the value of those who keep things in check and during the same period I saw another venue for these venerated zebras to prance. We need refs on capital hill.

Think about about. How cool would it be if a Senator were about to vote in contrast to everything he or she had promised in the preceding decade and just as the vote were to be cast... here comes the whistle and the flag.

"Contradictory vote, by the junior Senator from Ohio, $10,000 penalty and loss of vote. Please set the clock to 12:05."

If you love sports and put up with politics, you have to admit the idea has some merit. Now I know that the United States Supreme Court happens to be charged with upholding the law in much the same way that officials govern the league. However, I would argue that the court seems more like the NFL's commissioner and owners than any type of official. Like the court, the commissioner and owners are biased.

In my opinion the men in black and white happen to be some of the most morally correct individuals I have ever had the pleasure to witness and their skill is the stuff of legend. If you don't agree, you didn't watch the hard working and affable amateurs who attempted to take their place early in the 2012 season.

This idea festered in my mind because I have many friends who love sports and refuse to even speak about politics. While I used to think this was a bit childish, the older I get the more I understand. Sport brings about and launches forward the best human beings have to offer. We are gifted with the opportunity to observe while athletes work, train and perform while striving for greatness. We watch and at times are treated to a glimpse of greatness, the transcendence of limitation.

It seems what our politicians do best is lie, then cheat, lie again and then remember what their focus group numbers said and lie for a final time. This is my kindest estimation at present. Why is it that the individuals who are trusted with the most important decisions in the land happen to be so shady? I think it has something to do with money and lobbyists, actually I'm sure it does. When you can buy government votes and you have more than enough money to, what's stopping you?

So, bring on the zebras. Really wouldn't it be legit to have a sensible person in there with the current stooges, letting them know just what time it is. Fillibusters could be like challenges, you only get three per session and when you have used them, they are gone. If that simple rule were instituted, then maybe our congress would have gotten something done over the last four years.

Regardless of which candidate you prefer in the coming election, what happened during the last four years is pure and simple treason. The leaders of our country effectively shut down all progress in lieu of a stalemate. Corrupt children lead our country and with our permission they are bought and sold by the controlling interests of their party's most wealthy contributors.

Just as one play during Monday Night Football's Seattle/Green Bay game forced the league and their refs to get together, I hope that the American people eventually say enough and bring forward a change of their own.

The NFL knows that their fans will disappear if the best product is put forward. Wouldn't it be swell if the American people could get their government to learn the same lesson?

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