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40,000 - including Sun Ad - attend Vegas mine show

The 420,000 lbs. Caterpillar Electro-Motive Diesel locomotive was brought to the Mine Expo along Las Vegas Blvd. from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. at 5 mph.
Joy Global's exhibit featured state-of-the-art interactive digital simulation along with larger than life equipment for both above-ground and underground mining.
The Phillips exhibit at this year's Expo showed that just because the equipment is underground doesn't mean a company should skimp on the paint job.
Sun Advocate Advertising Director Jenni Fasselin speaks with marketing executives from Boart Longyear at Mine Expo 2012. Don't miss this month's SEUEPA Review for more about the massive show.

Sun Advocate reporter

In late September, 40,000 members of world mining industry came together for MINExpo 2012. The Las Vegas event, which is held every four years, provides a unique opportunity for the constantly evolving industry to review current challenges as well as to exhibit the best and brightest new products. For southeastern Utah, the event also provides an opportunity, a chance to demonstrate the amount of innovation and quality available in an area where coal is king.

Just to name a few, the Sun Advocate spoke with local exhibitors from Joy Global, CAT, Swanson, Fenner-Dunlop, Fuchs, Praxair, CONSOL, Carroll West Engineering, Fairmont Supply, Bookcliff, and KAMAN. Local industry leaders were also in attendance from area companies such as Bruno/BODEC, Longwall West and Savage.

With the theme of "Wherever there's mining, we're there," CAT delivered the biggest individual exhibit at the expo. According to the show's directory, CAT's single setup took up over 52,000 square feet of space. That's roughly a third the size of the Price Wal-Mart. The massive showing included several of the company's largest loaders, a new locomotive and several large multi-media stations.

Continuing with a large showing from company's with local ties, Joy Global's exhibit sat directly across from CATs, providing easy access to two of the show's most impressive sets. To go with their sprawling exhibit, Joy officials set up several interactive stations where miners and executives alike could take the controls and work with the company's newest innovations in a virtual reality setting. Along with the tech, Joy officials also gave live presentations during the show. Joy added world-class wheel loaders to their portfolio during 2011 and displayed a massive P&H LeTourneau loader within the booth.

While a large portion of the Expo is dedicated to networking and the launch of new products, education and safety are also brought center stage. CONSOL Energy's Director of Safety for Coal Operations Todd Moore provided a groundbreaking presentation which focused on the Sago Mine explosion. Moore discussed new and innovative technologies which are being implemented to increase communications during such an incident. The MagneLink Communication System he discussed operates independently of the mine's surface and underground infrastructure and has been in testing since 2007.

With its huge turnout and massive stage, the Expo shows the global nature of mining. It also demonstrates the industry's capability for growing support companies around a mine. It is in this way that our community mirrors the event. Of the thousands of exhibits available, very few were actual coal producers. Instead, the expo is filled with those who provide unique services, products and solutions for the mine. Pick up October's Southeastern Utah Energy Producers Association Review and the Sun Advocate's Century in Coal for much more from the expo.

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