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HJHS are official tasters for new pizza product for schools

Seventh graders get servings of the new 'Cheese Rippers' at Helper Junion High School.
Ryan Gagon, sample the new cuisine. He liked it.
Alisha Lessar and Jasmine Santi sample the new cuisine. They liked it.

Sun Advocate associate editor

Helper Junior High School students heard somewhere that they could petition the government for redress of grievances, so they did.

They were not happy when pizza was stricken from the menu because it did not meet the latest nutritional standards of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

They got together and drafted a petition, addressed to Mrs. Patti, which succinctly stated, "We the students of Helper Jr. high Would like to have have our pizza back please!" They collected 154 signatures (153, really, because at least one was a duplicate signature).

Mrs. Patti is Patti Rigby, the person in charge of the Carbon School District's nutrional program.

Not only did she read the petition, but she replied to the students. The company which had been supplying the pizza locally had not yet come up with a manufacturer's statement that the product complied with federal nutrition standards. However, she wrote, there is a new product called a "Cheese Ripper."

It resembles three cheese bread sticks fused together. You can rip the sections apart and dip them in a small cup of marinara sauce for extra zest.

On Friday, the petitioners became the official testers of the new product. An informal survey by the Sun Advocate showed that the kids thought it was just fine.

Officials results and decision will be announced later.

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