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Castleview rolls out $3 million software advance

Sun Advocate associate editor

Castleview Hospital has launched a new, $3 million software program designed to streamline hospital functions and improve the quality of care. While the rollout of the new electronic health record system became official on Oct. 1, it took months of training and about $250,000 in instructional hours to train the staff in operation, according to hospital CEO Mark Holyoak.

The software was purchased from Healthcare Management Systems Inc. of Nashville, Tenn.

Holyoak said the difference most patients will notice is the quicker registration process.

The big difference will occur behind the scenes, as clinicians view patient information, order tests and medications and document medical care. The record system provides not only access to written material such as lab results, but to such things as radiology images, as well.

The HMS package integrates just about all hospital record-keeping, ranging from patient intake, to treatments.

Castleview celebrated the beginning of the new system with a breakfast for staff and visitors Friday morning.

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