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Letters to the editor

By Linda Dinkelman

What is to become of Carbon County?

Carbon County has been a Democratic County for many generations. In the past, it was the Democratic Party that helped the coal miners organize unions. Over the years in Carbon County, many good men and women have run for office on the Republican ticket and were defeated because of voters punching Democrat on the voter ballot, without even knowing the candidate or their platform. Just recently a good man running on the Republican ticket was elected in this county. It has been 50 years since that has happened.

The reason I am writing is because of the situation we are in as we go to the polls to vote for President. The Democratic Party, favoring natural gas, has been putting many EPA regulations on the mining industry. These strict regulations will give our coal mines no choice but to close down.

Who will this affect? The Power Plants, and any other company that services the mining industry.

For the first time, the UMWA has withdrawn their financial support of the Democratic Party in this 2012 election because of these EPA regulations.

With so many people dependent on the mines to support their families, please do some research of your own. Don't just punch Democrat because that is what you have always done.

It's not your daddy's Democratic Party anymore.

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