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Letters to the editor

By Jared Storrs
Kyle Wright

Cross country experience

My name is Jared Storrs and I am a former resident of Carbon County and at present the assistant cross country coach for Sky View High school.

A few years ago we took our team to Nephi, Head Kyle Coach Wrights home town. I mentioned if we are going to his stomping grounds we will have to go to Carbon County to my stomping grounds for a future camp. This past summer we were able to bring 21 students to Price for a couple days. It was amazing. The athletes had a wonderful time and eyes were opened to a fantastic new world, both environmentally and culturally! (Yes we took them to Helper!)

We arrived Monday evening at the Carbon County Fairgrounds where Ronda Peterson had made it possible for us to pitch our tents and make our home there for three nights. I had not been to the fairgrounds since I left Carbon County 17 years ago. I can't even explain how impressed I am with the fine facility it has become. When I was beginning high school I had the opportunity to work at the fairgrounds for a summer and returning there after all these years it was totally different place. As a side career/hobby I am a PRCA Rodeo Clown and Barrelman. I visit numerous fairgrounds throughout the year I strongly feel that the facility you have produced is the finest I have ever visited. What an amazing place! Carbon County should be very proud of the work that has been put in out there.

We spent our time running and training in many of the hot spots of Carbon County. We took the kids running out to the dinosaur quarry, Nine Mile Canyon and Spring Canyon. We also met with the Carbon Cross Country team and ran the river trail one evening. We also recreated in various places. My mom and dad were our personal tour guides through Nine Mile. We were grateful to get hooked up with some wave pool passes from the travel board. One afternoon we went to the Helper Civic Auditorium and had a core workout from Jamil Tapia. Our favorite quote of the trip came from her when she commented on the heat of the auditorium and said "Grease don't melt in the fridge."

Another memorable experience was our evening hot dog roast/ghost story/midnight run through Spring Canyon. We even had the chance to tour the CEU welding department where Mike Tryon gave us a demonstration and opened his classroom one morning to discuss the similarities between running strength and welding.

Coach Wright and I would like to express our gratitude and thanks to all those that went above and beyond to make our cross country camp such a fun and memorable experience.

Thanks to Rhonda Peterson, the Carbon County Travel Bureau, Mike Johnson, Jamil Tapia, and Mike Tryon and others who helped us. There was a lot of sacrifice from these individuals and groups that made our trip fantastic.

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