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Letter to the Editor: Air conditioning for students?



I recently worked near the old Westridge Middlc School and saw something that caught my eye. The top of that building was lined with air conditioning units. As I thought about it, I couldn't remember having any air conditioning while I attended that school. Recently that facility was converted into the new Carbon School District Board office.

As I attended numerous classes in the old middle school, the junior high, and in the high school, I never had air conditioners in any of the classrooms. Whether I was sitting in Mr. Hackford's class, or singing in the choir room, I was always hot.

If the school officials cant work without air conditioning, how are the students supposed to learn? One day while in school we measured the temperature in the choir room, and it was well over 100 degrees. I would hope that the school district would look into this problem and find a solution.

Until then, the students will suffer from the heat. We want our kids to get the best education possible, but if the environment for learning is like that choir room, they have no chance. Lets be fair to the students.

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