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Letter to the Editor: Sad commentary



It is a sad commentary when our local newspaper did not have the print space, staff, time or whatever else was necessary to note the passing of a local long time public servant. Even after my repeated inquirees about this issue, the only information the Sun Advocate provided to the readership about the death of Price city's past mayor was the paid obituary and thank you ad. On the other hand, the Salt Lake Tribune noted the deceased mayor's accomplishments in a news article.

Lou Colosimo dedicated 18 years of his life to public service, six as a councilman and 12 as mayor. While some may have disagreed with his politics or possibly his style of leadership, I would like to believe the community appreciated his efforts. Even in the last years of office, when confronted with serious medical issues, he continued to carry out his oath of office to the best of his ability.

The Sun Advocate recently ran a half page advertisement telling us that millions of people turn to newspapers for the news and information that makes their lives easier, more interesting and meaningful. Maybe in the future, the Sun Advocate will not miss such an opportunity to provide their readership with such insight.

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