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Murder charge filed

Sun Advocate associate editor

Carbonville resident Kurt Alan Morris has been formally charged with murder in the shooting death of his younger brother.

Deputy County Attorney Jeremiah Humes filed the first degree felony charge Thursday in 7th District Court.

Morris, 55, stands accused of killing 50 year old Jack Morris on or about Aug. 18. The victim's decomposing body was not discovered until Sept. 4, when Deputy Sheriff Travis Henrie responded to an attempted suicide call at the Carbonville trailer where the two men lived.

Henrie managed to rescue Kurt Morris, who had apparently rigged a hose from the exhaust pipe of a pickup truck through a partially open window in the mobile home. The man regained consciousness and informed the deputy that his brother was in the trailer.

Henrie went back inside and discovered the body of Jack Morris in an adjoining bedroom that was sealed with plastic sheeting and duct tape.

The sheriff's department has reported that the suspect has been cooperative during the investigation.

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