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Used medical equipment can still be useful to those in need

Sun Advocate publisher

Going though a garage or a basement any place in America can reveal a wealth of information about a family. Old clothes, musical instruments, magazines, appliances, furniture, bikes, sports equipment, etc. can be found in most of them.

Oh and let's not forget old medical devices.

That's where Active Re-Entry and Pinnacle Nursing and Rehabilitation come in. They are looking for used equipment, hopefully gently used to give to people that can't afford new.

The main things they are looking for are used wheelchairs, walkers, canes, shower chairs and other such devices. By residents donating these things, it will enable people people who need them to safely remain in their homes after illnesses or injuries.

For those that have insurance, it seems like getting what people need should be easy. Most who have good coverage assume most others have routes of obtaining the various devices they need through the government or some other way. But not everyone can do that; and with the cost of medical equipment constantly increasing, it can be prohibitive for some.

The problem is that most people that have insurance don't see the real cost for devices they have or may have had to use one time or another. Just look at the costs of wheelchairs. A manual rigid wheelchair can cost between $400-$3,000, depending on the kind, quality and devices on them. A folding wheelchair is even more expensive ($100-$3,500). And when one gets to motorized chairs, costs go up so fast it is unbelievable. Someone with a medical problem that is on a fixed income or has no savings, and has little or no insurance is out of luck.

That's why a project like this is so important. Devices that are stored away, gathering dust can be of use to someone who needs it.

Those who want to donate equipment to this cause can do so at Pinnacle Rehabilitation at 1340 East 300 North in Price or at Active Re-Entry on Fairgrounds Road.

Anyone who has any questions may contact Chelsie at 435-637-9213.

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