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New mental health treatment center to open this month

Sun Advocate associate editor

New Roads Treatment Centers, a mental and behavioral health care service based in Sandy, is expanding into Carbon County.

The company expects to open a facility for outpatient drug treatment and other services in the Business and Technical Assistance Center before Oct. 1.

Out-Patient Director Corey Markisisch and Jessie Dennerline, Director of Business Development, met with business groups and health care providers Monday at Castleview Hospital. The hospital and the Business Expansion and Retention program hosted the meeting.

Karl Kraync of the BEAR program explained that the need for this sort of treatment program became apparent while his team was providing substance abuse education for some 1,300 employees in the coal industry. The number of referrals to health care providers demonstrated the need.

Markisich said that the New Roads treatment program will differ from the ones offered by Four Corners Behavior Health. While Four Corners deals more with clients whose treatment is mandated by the courts or legal system, New Roads clients tend to come from employer referrals or clients themselves, he said.

Four Corners has also been facing budget cuts over the past few years, which have curtailed the agency's ability to handle its case load led to waiting lists.

Dennerline said New Roads partners with psychiatrists, psychologists and addictionologists. This has provided the expertise needed to deal with a spectrum of mental and behavioral disorders ranging from substance abuse to eating disorders, bi-polar disorder and anxiety.

Markisich added that the overall treatment program is centered on life skills development, giving clients the capability and confidence to deal with life challenges.

New Roads has been operating for about three years.

The treatment center in Price will initially offer evening hours, but could expand into daytime treatment later.

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