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Letter to the Editor

By Ken Pitts

Info left out

Curiosity! That's the main reason I read. And part of my reading environment includes the Sun Advocate.

What was intriguing to me, however, were two articles in the August 28 issue.

The first was the article on the sleek BMW. The chase started up Price Canyon at 4:30 p.m. continued to Scofield, down Huntington Canyon, north again to Price, up Carbon Avenue, ending in a Price driveway at around 6 p.m. Officers from the Utah Highway Patrol, Price City and the Carbon County Sheriff's Office were all involved in the pursuit and subsequent final stop. Why then was the Price driver taken to the Emery County Jail?

The second confusing article was about how ALA beat up on Carbon High. Never once was ALA identified. What does ALA stand for? Perhaps could it be the Association of Lost Artesians? What also came to mind was on at least three occurrences during the game the snap from the center sailed over the punter and/or quarterback. Shouldn't this problem have shone up to be resolved in practice? As a Carbon High graduate, even I would think the team should spend most of their time practicing snaps from center. Once perfected we could hope for a team with a positive record such as last years team. Coach Blanc said despite the final score the team played much better. I'm glad to hear that, after the opening loss of 42-0.

Oh well; can't be any worse than the Carbon team of the 60s.

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