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U Of U Antimicrobial Resistance, Therapy Project Conducting Study in Price Area

Kathryn Gibson and Scott Engelsted, study coordinators from the University of Utah's intermountain project on antimicrobial resistance and therapy, visit with the staff at Dr. Karen Radley's office in Price. The coordinators presented Ashley Liddell, Jerri Burgess, Janna Neumeier and Pat Stapley with information along with guides to give to patients on how to prevent antibiotic resistance.

Gobson and Engelsted spent last Tuesday and Wednesday meeting with medical professionals and para-medical personnel in the area to explain the antibiotic resistance program Utah's medical facilities are administering with a Center for Disease Control grant.

The study will focus on children six months to six years old with birth dates between March 1, 1997 and Sept. 1, 2002. All children must live in the 84501 area zip code. Participants will receive a toy and a $10 cash card to a local retail store.

For more information about the study, residents may contact Cindy McFarlane at 636 8496.

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