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A Tribute to Our Heroes

With much gratitude, we honor our local law enforcement and emergency personnel who sacrifice daily to protect our families and strengthen our community. Through their commitment and courage, they make us proud to be Americans.

Sunnyside Ambulance

Barbara Robinett, Paul Robinett, Philip Holt, Kelly Maynes, Judy Behling, Janice Leavitt, Jennifer Maestas, Kelly Lemmon, Shawn Sackett, Heather Price, Jesse Pentelakis, James Wyman, Jack Manchester, Brenda Woodward, Rick Madrid

Wellington Police Dept.

Chief Lee Barry, Sgt. Kelly Maynes, Officer Nick Bates

Wellington Fire Dept.

Chief Johnny Powell, Asst. Chief George Anderson, Cpt. Matt Perea, Lt. Tain Curtis, Laine Nicholson, Wayce Waller, Jared Leonard, Zack Wise, Pete Yakovich, David Adair, Garth Johnson, Tanner Hackney, Jack Clark, Brett Davis, Lavar Stansfield, Tyson Haycock, Darryl Barry, Randy Larsen, Devin Shorts, Jose Hernandez


Drug Task Force

BLM-Law Enforcement: Don Lum

Utah National Guard and all who serve in the Armed Forces

Parks & Recreation

Tony White, Larry Johansen, Dan Richards, Eugene Swalberg, Randy Ford, Nathan Martinez, Brody Young, Jonathan Hunt

County Fire Warden: Justin Needles

Division of Wildlife Resources

Lt. Carl Gramlich, Sgt. Stacy Jones, Sgt. Jay Shirley, Conservation Officer Roger Kerstetter, TJ Robertson, Sean Spencer, Dennis Shumway, J.D. Abbott, Devin Christensen

Adult Probation & Parole

Richard Laursen, Wade Allinson, Joe Tryon, Jeff Wood, Cletis Steele, James Weaver, Tom Kosmack, Sam Bowman

Scofield Fire Dept.

Kim Erkkila, John Ward, Mike Erkkilla, Paul Helsten, Mary Sejkora, Frank Trease, Jim & Carol Levanger, Charlie Anderson, Debra & Reyo Arakaki

Parkdale Care Center

250 E. 600 N., Price


Kraync Motors

98 South 300 East

Price • 650-1729

IFA Country Store

240 W. 100 North,

Price • 637-0652

Snack & Pack

245 Hwy. 96, Scofield


Help Advocates

23 S. Carbon Ave.

Suite 19,

Price • 637-4357

Joppa Lodge #26


39 N. 100 E.,

Price • 650-5253

Bethel 3

Job's Daughters International

39 N. 100 E.,

Price • 630-0270

Ron's Meats

399 N. Main

Helper • 472-3659

Kenworth Sales

320 W. 600 S.,

Price • 637-3440

Price Floral

44 W. Main,

Price • 637-2731

Price • 637-4560

Pierce Oil


332 W. Railroad Ave.Price • 637-3211

Gilly's Motel &

Convenience Store

15 N. State,

Ferron • 384-3333

Gateway Lanes

94 S. Main,

Helper • 472-5015

Animal Hospital

1989 E. Airport Rd.

Price • 637-5797



96 N. Main

Helper • 472-5579

Fitness World

47 W. Main,

Price • 613-7546

Decker's Bicycle

77 E. Main,

Price • 637-0086

Washington Federal Savings

308 E. Main,

Price • 637-3448

Carbon Chiropractic

39 N. 600 E.

Price • 637-0450

Anthony J's

23 E. 100 N.

Price • 613-CLUB (2582)

Main St. Grill

715 E. Main St.

Price • 636-3463

Castle Country Boutique

14 E. Main St.

Price • 637-5488

Tony Basso ATV

1152 S. Carbon Ave.

Price • 637-4224

MB Financial Services

62 N. 100 W.

Price • 637-1479

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