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Man saved from suicide arrested as suspect in brother's murder

The hose leading from the tail pipe of the car to the window lead a citizen to call for help.

Sun Advocate associate editor

Victim's body, dead for more than a week, found in adjacent bedroom in trailer home

A 55-year-old Carbonville man who was rescued from an apparent suicide attempt Tuesday morning was arrested shortly after as a suspect in the shooting death of his younger brother.

According to Chief Deputy Sheriff Tom Stefanoff, the chain of events leading to the arrest of Kurt Alan Morris began with a call from a citizen at about 9:30 a.m. The caller noticed a hose running from the tailpipe of a pickup truck into the window of a trailer at 1711 N. Carbonville Rd.

Deputy Travis Henrie responded to the call and found the situation as described, with the truck running. Henrie got no response after pounding on the door, so he entered the trailer.

He found Morris inside. Henrie pulled the man outside, then called rescue and ambulance. Morris told Henrie, "My brother is inside."

So the deputy went back inside. "He searched and found a second bedroom that was covered with plastic sheets and duct tape," Stefanoff said. "When he entered that room he found the brother was deceased, shot in the head."

The victim, 50-year-old Jack Morris, had apparently been dead for more than a week, Stefanoff said.

Henrie and Stefanoff said evidence indicates that the shooting occurred in the bedroom. A shotgun was discovered during the investigation and taken into evidence.

After being treated and released from Castleview Hospital, Kurt Morris, AKA Michael Morris, was arrested on booked into Carbon County Jail for investigation of murder, Stefanoff said.

The chief deputy added that the suspect has a history of burglaries and assaults in South Dakota, but has not been in trouble during the past few years in Carbon County.

The victim's body is at the State Medical Examiner's Office for autopsy.

Both Kurt and Jack Morris were unemployed.

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