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Letter to the Editor

By Ross Bryner

Fantastic paved road

While recently driving to our property in the Nine Mile area, my wife, son and I were pleasantly surprised to come upon some new pavement of the soon to be completed Nine Mile Road project. It was nice to pull our loaded ATV trailer with our pickup truck on the smooth stretch of road. I drove at a slightly increased speed, which allowed us to get to our destination (and recreation) a full 10 minutes faster than before and in much safer driving conditions.

Thank you to W.W. Clyde and their sub-contractors for doing the construction work and to Jones and Demille for doing the engineering. Thank you to current and former officials and employees of Carbon, and Duchesne Counties as well as the Nine Mile Road Committee and the Nine Mile Coalition for what you have done to make this project a reality.

Finally, thank you to Bill Barrett Corporation.

I'm sure I have probably left out many others who should be thanked also.

Old time Nine Mile area Ranchers like my dad (Lyle Bryner), who passed away nearly 9 years ago would be amazed at how nice the paved road would be to haul a load of cattle.

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