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Kris Kiahtipes takes over as director of Green Team

Kris Kiahtipes

Sun Advocate reporter

With the recent departure of Jeanne McEvoy, the Green Team of Carbon County has been left without a leader to continue on with the efforts they have spearheaded in the county since it was formed about three years ago.

But now with new leadership in place, the group is looking to continue the work McEvoy started, according to Kris Kiahtipes, the new head of the Green Team. Kiahtipes began working with McEvoy and the Green Team shortly after it was formed as chair of the education committee.

McEvoy announced she was leaving Price to move to South Carolina last month. McEvoy, who also served as a council member on the Price City Council, regularly informed the council about activities the Green Team was working on and actively worked to have the city help out as much as possible.

Kiahtipes said the interest and involvement from the community in activities such as recycling has continuously grown since the formation of the group. With few options to recycle locally, the Green Team came up with the idea of using small trailers specifically tailored for recycling paper and aluminum and placing them in areas around Price, at special events and around the county.

"It just boomed," Kiahtipes said of the community response and involvement. "The trailers are being very productive with people recycling and more people continue to become interested in recycling materials."

Trailers are located throughout Price and in other areas of the county. Kiahtipes said work is being done on having a trailer placed in Wellington in the near future.

While one of the main focuses of the Green Team was working with local schools to encourage recycling, Kiahtipes said they are hoping to work with area businesses to encourage more recycling and less use of materials including Styrofoam.

Kiahtipes said the group is looking to continue their work with Price City and the city council despite McEvoy's departure. Current council member Layne Miller said in an email addressed to Green Team members that he would be willing to step in to help on behalf of the city until a permanent decision can be made.

Despite the recent changes, Kiahtipes said Green Team will work hard on providing more recycling options in the county and continue on with the idea that McEvoy helped introduce to the area.

"Jeanne was a very confident leader and she was always very passionate about her work with the Green Team," Kiahtipes said. "We just want to be able to continue the momentum and involvement of the community that we have seen since the Green Team was formed."

The Green Team meets on the second Tuesday of each month with meetings taking place at the Price City Hall. The next scheduled meeting is scheduled to take place on Sept. 11 at City Hall Room 106 at 2 p.m.

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