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Bizarre chase ends on 3 rims

UHP troopers surround the BMW after the chase ended in the Price Coves neighborhood.

Sun Advocate reporter

A car chase that was abandoned at the north end of Carbon County Sunday afternoon resumed south of the county about 90 minutes later. It ended in north Price, but only after the car's driver had first demonstrated that a BMW 328i can reach and maintain 70 mph on one tire and three rims.

The chase started at 4:30 p.m. when the westbound white BMW was spotted on Highway 6 going up Price Canyon at high speed. Highway Patrol Trooper Bradley Shaw pursued the car, but terminated the chase before the Emma Park junction because of the danger that was being posed by the speed of the vehicle.

Shaw said the driver, identified as 34-year-old Jamie Wissmar of Price, then took SR 96 to Scofield, then SR 264 to SR 31 and down Huntington Canyon - the Energy Loop Scenic Byway.

At 6 p.m. the Highway Patrol spotted her driving north on Highway 10 near the Huntington airport. Troopers spiked her tires just north of Stake Farm Road in southern Carbon County. The BMW continued up the road with three blown out tires. It continued to speed, reaching 70 mph even after the tires were spiked.

The car came into Price and drove up Carbon Avenue, eventually ending up at Hillcrest Drive. There it pulled into a driveway and stopped. Wissmar was arrested and taken to the Emery County Jail.

Officers from the Utah Highway Patrol, Price City and the Carbon County Sheriff's Office were all involved in the pursuit and subsequent final stop.

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