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Letter to the Editor: Gun Control or Doctor Control

By Robert L Warren
East Carbon City

According to government's own records you are 62 times or 6200 percent more likely to be killed by FDA approved prescription drugs than a homicidal shooter, more likely to be killed by medical malpractice and more likely to be killed by medical fraud. (See or

One of the major topics of today is health care and the exorbitant costs Americans are forced to pay by government protected policies. Prices will continue to increase beginning 2013 and continue thru 2016 until they reach the projected 40 percent mark, if ObamaCare remains in force.

One local greedy doctor charges $350.00 per hour for a office call plus a $25.00 co-pay, and additional labs costs $487.00. On top of that some doctors receive financial kick-backs, bribes, preps, exotic vacations, travel and meals from the drug companies (Pfizer-Merck-Astraz-Neca-GlaxoSmithKline) to prescribe their products. The mentioned doctor's misdiagnosis in this case resulted in a major heart attack requiring four by-passes. The doctor went on, free to continue misdiagnosis of other patients. The patient and insurance companies are looking at $95,496.00 cost plus patient portion exceeding $12,000.00 and growing.

One mentioned pharisaical company (GlaxoSmithKline) pleaded guilty paying greedy doctors and paid the government a $3 billion settlement in 2012. These costs are passed on to the consumer. That's you and me. And yet, the medical establishment continues to kill 783,936 people per year thru medical errors, infections, surgery, unnecessary procedures, bedsores, and drug effects.

You do the math, Homicidal Shooters kill 12,000 people a year, the medical establishment kills 783,936 a year. Instead of Gun-Control we need to pass legislation on Doctor Control.

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