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Letter to the Editor: Newspaper did not tell

By Barbara McFadden-Driggs Sandy

I do not recall reading about my home town of Hiawatha and Wattis burning to the ground in the newspaper. I was told by a comple stranger when I went to Sunnyside Days and the Greek Festival.

I did not know where old Durrant School was to watch the fireworks either. In fact the newspaper should have printed the address.

That would have been nice.

Editors note: We will take our lumps for not printing the address of the Durrant School property in the stories about the limitation of fireworks on July 4 and July 24 in Price. We should have reported that so people knew where they could view the event. As for the "burning to the ground" of Hiawatha and Wattis, we did not report that because it did not happen. wildland firefighters and those from our local fire departments kept both areas safe during the Seeley Fire.

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