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	A Notice of Intent for the following project submitted in accordance
with §R307-401-1, Utah Administrative Code (UAC), has been received
for consideration by the Director, Utah Division of Air Quality:

Company Name:         Nielson Construction Company

Location:                     Nielson Construction Company: Price
Asphalt Plant - 4 miles south of Price, Carbon County, UT, Carbon

Project Description:   Nielson Construction Company (Nielson) operates
an asphalt and concrete plant south of Price in Carbon County and has
requested a modification to its AO (DAQE-AN0142700001-10, dated
November 4, 2010).   Nielson will be adding a Prosizer and a scalper
screen to the asphalt plant.  Gravel and sand wash plants will be
added to the concrete batch plant.  The Prosizer consists of a
combined screen and crusher that is powered by a generator engine. 

	Carbon County is an attainment area of the NAAQS for all pollutants. 
 NSPS (40 CFR Part 60 Subparts A, I, IIII, and OOO) and MACT (40 CFR
Part 63 Subparts A and ZZZZ) regulations apply to this source.  Title
V of the 1990 Clean Air Act applies to this source.

	The emissions, in tons per year, will change as follows: PM10 (+)
0.002, PM10 (fugitive) (+) 0.43, NOx (+) 0.10, SO2 (+) 0.01, CO (+)
0.02, and VOC (+) 0.01.  The changes in emissions will result in the
following, in tons per year, potential to emit totals:  PM10 = 1.28,
PM10 (fugitive) = 3.19, PM2.5 = 2.02, NOx = 4.10, SO2 = 3.01, CO =
7.10, VOC = 2.07, HAPs = 0.51, CO2e = 1,685 .  PM2.5 emissions are a
subset of PM10 emissions and are, therefore, not additive.  CO2e was
not estimated in the previous AO

	The completed engineering evaluation and air quality impact analysis
showed that the proposed project meets the requirements of federal air
quality regulations and the State air quality rules.  The Director
intends to issue an Approval Order pending a 30-day public comment
period.  The project proposal, estimate of the effect on local air
quality and draft Approval Order are available for public inspection
and comment at the Utah Division of Air Quality, 195 North 1950 West,
Salt Lake City, UT 84116.  Written comments received by the Division
at this same address on or before September 20, 2012 will be
considered in making the final decision on the approval/disapproval of
the proposed project. Email comments will also be accepted at If anyone so requests to the Director at the
Division in writing within 15 days of publication of this notice, a
hearing will be held in accordance with R307-401-7, UAC.

	Under Section 19-1-301.5, a person who wishes to challenge a Permit
Order may only raise an issue or argument during an adjudicatory
proceeding that was raised during the public comment period and was
supported with sufficient information or documentation to enable the
director to fully consider the substance and significance of the

Date of Notice:  August 21, 2012
Published in the Sun Advocate August 21, 2012.

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