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In drought year, finding water = finding deer

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Utah's general archery buck deer hunt will begin in just a few days. As the start of the hunt nears, reports provided by Division of Wildlife

Resources biologists share a common theme:

Deer herds on many units are doing well -- lots of fawns were born in 2011, and most of the fawns survived the mild winter of 2011-2012. Good numbers of young bucks should be available on many of the state's 30 general-season units.

It's been hot and dry across Utah this summer. On many units, finding water will be the key to finding the deer.

The general archery buck deer hunt - the first major hunt in Utah each year - starts Aug. 18.

This year is the first year general archery hunters will be limited to hunting on one of 30 new deer hunting units in Utah. For the past several years, archery hunters have been allowed to hunt statewide.

Also, as you're hunting this fall, please remember to ride your all-terrain vehicle only on designated roads and trails. If you take it off a designated road or trail, you and other hunters might lose your

privilege to use ATVs on public lands in Utah.

DWR biologists have provided deer hunting reports for most of Utah's 30 units. You can read the reports on the DWR's website at

The reports are split into five groups based on where the units are located.

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