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Howell wants to end gridlock

Scott and Linda Howell during their visit to the Sun Advocate.

Sun Advocate associate editor

Scott Howell says the gridlock that has seized Congress could end if senators and representatives would show more willingness to cooperate and talk with each other and less ideological posturing.

The former Utah State Senate minority leader dropped by the Sun Advocate office recently to talk about why he is running as the Democratic candidate against six-term incumbent Orrin Hatch.

Howell, a former IBM executive with 34 years experience, said he learned in the workplace and in the state senate that an attitude of collaborative dialogue accomplishes solutions to problems.

He said domestic energy production - which includes renewables as well as fossil fuel - is homeland security. He'd also work to assure that there is technology in every classroom in the country. Technology could also help government reduce costs and improve outcomes in essential public services, he added.

Howell's experience in health care issues includes service on the board of Intermountain Health Care in Utah and Sutter Health Care in California.

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