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Work begins on apartment community in East Price

Earthwork is under way between east Main Street and 200 South in Price.

Sun Advocate reporter

The LaPorte Group out of Salt Lake and their owner Ben Logue are once again building in Carbon County. The group has purchased prime real estate on Price's Main Street and has broken ground on an apartment complex which when completed will house more than 70 units.

According to Nick Tatton, Price City community development director, the group has gained approval and broken ground on a multiple family apartment complex which will include a club house and swimming pool. The group is planning one, two, three and four bedroom apartments within the Eastgate Apartments and will place income restrictions on applications based on tax credits.

"LaPorte has worked in this area in the past," explained Tatton. "They are the ones who did the Avalon House in Helper as well as the Newhouse renovation project here in Price."

The complex will also feature a gated perimeter, play area for apartment children and multiple access points.

"There will be access from both Main Street and 200 South," explained the development director. "They are going to be building a bridge across Meads Wash at 200 South. You can see the dirt moving now and they are anticipating about a year long construction schedule."

From a city planning perspective, Tatton commented that the construction will do quite a bit to open up that area of the city, providing access and development.

"It will really open up the south end," he said. "There are some farms back in that area and this will give access to the whole property."

According to Tatton, the apartments would be better described as 'income targeted' rather than low income. Based on the size of the unit, the price will be close to market rate, he said. However, high income individuals would not quality for the units. The LaPorte Group's building plan is contingent on tax credits meaning that they financed the project based on their promise to provide affordable housing.

"This is working class housing," said the development director. "Based on income and family size there should be a wide portion of the community eligible for these units."

The project reportedly will cost between $10- and $13 million and will provide a large injection of income to Price city based on permitting and fees alone.

Tatton reported that the project's roots can be traced back to a property search which the LaPorte group conducted more than a year ago.

"There were several potential properties they were looking at, following the success of their first two projects here," explained Tatton. "This plot of land just made the most sense to them and the city."

Logue then purchased the property from Tony Siaperas and Ellis Pierce before starting the zoning process necessary at Price City.

"During the zoning process, there was quite a lot of work that the group had to do as far as easements and access are concerned," explained Tatton. "There were also three or four different versions of the layout at that point. The group worked closely with Price City to work out which plan would be most advantageous to both LaPorte and Price City."

Jokingly, Tatton went over some of the rumors he has been asked about concerning activity near O'Reilly Auto, commenting that almost no one had asked him about an apartment complex.

"I have gotten calls asking if we are getting a new Walgreens, or a new Cafe Rio, maybe a new church," he laughed.

The Economic Development Director reported being pleased with not only this project but several others that are currently taking place in Price. In addition to the Eastgate Apartments, plans have been approved by Price to allow the building of a new auto parts store within the Castle Rock Square.

"There are some exciting things and a fair amount of building taking place in this area," concluded Tatton. "We are going to do everything we can to foster that."

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