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Letter to the Editor

By Myrna Emmett
Clear Creek

Thank the fire fighers and officials

We have just come through a very intense time as individuals as well as a county. There is no way I can thank so many for what they have done.

From the fire-fighters-men and women on the ground and those in the helicopters and planes who were all in harms way, I send them my gratitude from the bottom of my heart I thank them for their commitment and determination to save lives, structures and down the list

For the fire-fighters in town, for all their preparations and their determination to protect the homes in this beautiful little place, you have my deepest gratitude too.

It was good to know that Sheriff Cordova and his Deputies were there to give their protection and support. They have my thanks also.

A special thanks to Emergency Operations Center for having to make some tough decisions (without a crystal ball), but they made them. They needed to prepare for the worst and hope for the best, and in this case it turned out for the best.

I sincerely thank the evacuee coordinators, Wally, Sarah, and those whose names I don't know. Thanks for always giving me the straight of it, the bad news first and the good news last and always keeping me up-dated.

Thanks also goes to our Commissioners, Mike Milovich and John Jones for their support and decisions they to had to make.

I don't know all of you or your names, but I do know what you did and l will be forever grateful to each and everyone of you.

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