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State Prosecutor Files Theft Charges in CEU Mail Case

Staff reporter

The Carbon County Attorney's Office has charged a former employee at College of Eastern Utah's postal station with 21 separate class B misdemeanor category theft counts.

During the period ranging from September through December 2001, the formal complaint accuses Jennifer Meradee Tryon of unlawfully taking, destroying, concealing or embezzling the contents of mail belonging to 20 unidentified victims.

Filed in the 7th District Court, the criminal information estimates the value of the mail purportedly unlawfully obtained by the defendant at $300 or less in connection with the first 20 class B theft offenses.

In addition, the complaint contends that the 30-year-old Helper resident exercised unlawful control over property belonging to the college in connection with the remaining class B theft charge.

The criminal information identifies the unlawfully obtained property in count 21 as cash belonging to CEU valued at $300 or less.

After the state prosecutor filed the formal criminal case, the district court assigned Judge Bryce K. Bryner to preside over the misdemeanor category complaint while the matter is processed via the criminal justice system.

To date, the court has not scheduled Tryon's initial appearance to answer the 21 class B theft charges on a law and motion calendar.

Pursuant to Utah statute, individuals convicted of committing a single class B misdemeanor category criminal offense may be sentenced to six months in jail and fined $1,000.

The designated fine amount does not include the 85 percent fee/assessment or applicable interest imposable under state law.

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