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Price city deals with parking problems on Carbon Avenue

Sun Advocate publisher

The Price City Council continues to deal with parking problems between Main Street and the railroad tracks on Carbon Avenue.

The matter was discussed at the regular council meeting last Wednesday.

Several months ago, the council voted to make one parking spot in front of Papa Joe's a restricted slot because a postal employee apparently had been blocking the space service personnel needed to stock the bar.

Since that restriction was enforced, another business on the other side of the post office complained to the city.

Rather than voting to restrict parking to one or two hour periods, the city decided to have the police conduct door to door surveys of the 14 businesses located between Main Street and the train tracks.

The results of the first survey suggest that eight businesses desired unrestricted parking and six would like to see parking be restricted to one or two hours.

The discussion will continue.

Sale of the United States Bureau of Land Management property in east Price to the city is expected to close March 10.

A transition team was formed to discuss the occupancy and utilization of the complex. The final decision will be made by the council.

The Price Shade Tree Commission presented a letter to the council requesting effective placement of three pine trees on city grounds.

The panel recommended that the city purchase a live pine tree of significant size to be planted in the Peace Gardens for year round enjoyment as well as using it as the official Christmas tree during the holidays.

"Toward the effort of urban forestry it is recommended that two small trees be purchased and be planted in the same area so as one tree possibly becomes overgrown or dies there will still be a live tree to replace it," pointed out the commission.

The city officials requested the Shade Tree Commission to appear before the council to discuss proposals and answer questions.

The air compressor at the wave pool that is part of the wave generation equipment is worn out and needs to be replaced. The replacement equipment will need to be relocated outside of the wave generation chamber due to the high humidity and cold temperatures. The new compressor will be purchased and placed on a new concrete slab inside of a heated insulated shed. It will be plumbed back to the wave generation equipment. City crews will construct the concrete slab and framed building. An effort was put into reviewing quotations and researching the equipment, compliance with specification, warrantee and reputation. The Ingersell Rand from Fastenal was selected based on its ability to meet the city's needs.

Erica Kardelis, president of the Coal Country Housing and Development, a nonprofit organization, appeared before the board and requested reimbursement for a building permit of $1160. The building will be located at 320 North 400 East and the group is working with the College of Eastern Utah's construction class to build a duplex that will be rented to low income families through the housing authority. This is their second project with CEU, the most recent just completed this past year near CEU on 300 East. The motion was approved.

Condie construction submitted an invoice for work completed through January 31 in the amount of $803,997. This motion was approved. The project including stored materials is about 83 percent complete. Total installed work is about 77 percent of the total project.

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