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Letters to the editor

By Pete Yakovich

Ignorance leads to ignorance

When I read a letter titled 'Death by Ignorance' in the Provo Daily Herald this morning I could not help noticing the huge mistruths which where told about 'reduced harm' tobacco products.

Smokeless tobacco less harmful? Don't tell me - RJR and Phillip Morris love you and want to make you healthier. So they have crated American Snuff. Is Swedish snuff less harmful? There is a reason it's banned in the EU and it's not because they hate their citizens.

Less harmful effects? Please...

The CDC states 'Smokeless tobacco is a known cause of human cancer. In addition, the nicotine in smokeless tobacco may increase the risk for sudden death from a condition where the heart does not beat properly (ventricular arrhythmias) and, as a result, the heart pumps little or no blood to the body's organs. I hate to say it, but they're wrong about smokeless tobacco having a lesser risk; smokeless tobacco kills - period.

There is no lesser risk of dying; the risk changes from lung cancer to esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, mouth cancer, nasal cancer, and a greater risk of heart disease.

Well what about electronic cigarettes? In the words of the letter writer - 'we don't need a study to know' - that anything that you inhale that's not in a McDonald's cheese burger is probably going to mess you up, and that's pushing it knowing the calorie count of the cheese burger. Out of the 4,000+ kids who will try tobacco for the first time today, over 1,000 will become regular users with 350 ultimately dying from tobacco related illness later in life says the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids. The best cessation program is to never start at all. It's called prevention.

It's my personal choice not to smoke. My religion doesn't approve of it, but it is my choice. It only took my grandmother's passing from lung cancer to decide that. I put the pack away as a youth smoker and decided it wasn't worth the risk and that I needed to change my life and future. What people choose to do with their life is their choice, but they should at least know the truth.

Ignorance only brings about more ignorance.

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