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Barracudas continuing to post best times at swim meets

New swimmers on the roster help keep undefeated summer season alive

Castle Valley Barracudas hosted a swim meet against Delta and Moab on July 10.

There were 59 Barracuda swimmAers that participated, which is the most the team has had swim at one meet. The Barracudas had a total of 116 best times for this meet, which is an outstanding number, according to head coach Kamera Davis.

Out of the 84 events at the meet, the Barracudas swam away with first place in 54 of them. Davis highlighted some of the swimmers who swam in their first swim meet on this day.

In the youngest age group 6 and under Mia Crompton, 5 years old, swam 25 yard back and placed third, Ember Lyman, 6 yrs old, placed second in the 25 free, Hadley Bower, 6 yrs old, placed second in the 25 back, Brock Johnson placed first in the 25 back and 25 breast.

In the next age group is the 7 and 8 year olds. Jerimiah Ison, 8 yrs old, placed fourth in the 25 breaststroke and seventh in the 25 free and 25 back, Rusty Seeley, 7, placed sixth in 25 free, 25 back and 25 breaststroke. Abby Bowman placed seventh in the 25 back and ninth in the 25 free. Hailey Cardon, 8, placed sixth in the 25 free, Payton Hopes, 8, placed eighth in the 25 free. Beverly Landcaster, 7, placed second in the 25 fly and fifth in the 25 free and back. Bryndee Maxfield, 7, placed fourth in the 25 free.

New swimmers for the 9-10 age group are Prescott Herzog, 9, placed second in the fly and seventh in the 25 back. Natale Van Dyke, 9, placed fifth in the free, eighth in the back and tenth in the breaststroke. For the 11-12 age group, Lydia Barr, 11, took ninth in the back and 14th in the free. Dallin Cardon, 11, placed seventh in the free and ninth in the breaststroke.

"I am so proud of these swimmers they had lots of fun and swam well. Its says a lot for the future of swimming in Carbon County to have our team doing so well and growing so fast our next meet will have even more swimmers in it. We swim against the San Rafael Stingrays next and we will have 64 swimmers participating in that one. It makes me so happy to see the growth of our team when I started coaching five years ago we had seven swimmers and now we have 95 on our team," said Davis.

"That is a amazing change and we intend to keep growing every year. And for this season we intend on keeping our undefeated season going."

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