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Notification of a Coal

Lease-by-Application; Long Canyon Tract, Carbon County, Utah

Dear Interested Public:

	The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Utah State Office received a
Lease-By-Application (LBA) to lease federal coal deposits located in
Carbon County, Utah. The lease area is the Long Canyon Tract and is
identified as UTU-88953. The proposal involves approximately 7,700
acres of federal coal.  The coal rights are owned by the United
States.  All surface rights are privately owned.  

	The BLM Price Field Office will prepare an environmental assessment
to analyze the effects of mining this property.  As part of the LBA
process, the following actions will be completed:

	a. determine the fair market value of the Federal coal included in
	b. evaluate the maximum economic recovery of the coal,
	c. identify the minimum bonus bid,
	d. and develop stipulations regarding the mining operations before a 
		lease sale is held. 

	There will be a 30-day public scoping period from July 24, 2012, to
August 23, 2012. This scoping period allows all interested parties the
opportunity to submit comments and relevant information to the BLM for
consideration in the analysis process. Scoping comments assist the BLM
in defining possible project alternatives, issues of interest, and
relevant concerns to Indian Tribes, other agencies, civic groups, and

Project Location

	The Long Canyon Tract is located in the Wasatch Plateau coalfield
approximately three miles east of Scofield, Utah as shown on the
enclosed map.  

The legal description is:      
	T. 12 S., R. 7 E., SLM, Utah
	sec. 28, E½SE¼;
	sec. 33, E½NE¼;
	T. 13 S., R. 7 E., SLM, Utah
	sec.   1, lots 3-6, S½N½;
	sec.   2, lots 1-7, S½NE¼, SE¼NW¼, E½SE¼, SE¼,
	sec.   3, lots 1, 2, 5-10, SW¼NE¼, NW¼SE¼, N½SW¼;
	sec.   9, NE¼, S½NW¼, E½SW¼, E½SE¼;
	sec. 10, all;
	sec. 11, all;
	sec. 12, all;
	sec. 13, all;
	sec. 14, all;
	sec. 15, all;
	sec. 16, E½E½;
	sec. 23, all;
	sec. 24, N½, N½S½;
	T. 13 S., R. 8 E., SLM, Utah
	sec.   7, lot 4;
	sec. 18, lots 1-4, W½NE¼, SE¼NE¼, E½NW¼,
	sec. 19, lots 1, 2, SE¼NW¼;  
	Containing 7675.15 acres

	The lease lies within the Jump Creek and Scofield 7.5 Minute USGS
Topographic Quadrangle maps.

	The proposal is to lease the Long Canyon Tract by competitive bid for
underground mining. There are two coal seams present, both of minable

	The LBA and maps are available on the Environmental Notification
Bulletin Board and at the BLM Price Field Office between 8:00 a.m. to
4:30 p.m.  For written comments, please send to Steve Rigby, Price
Field Office, 125 South 600 West, Price, Utah,  84501, and electronic
comments to If you have any questions regarding this
project, contact Steve Rigby at 435-636-3604.

	Thank you for your interest in our public lands.
Published in the Sun Advocate July 24, 2012.

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