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Price, college will allow fireworks at Durrant lot

Price City Fire Chief Paul Bedont said the city will be using the Durrant lot from 9 p.m. to midnight Tuesday night to allow citizens to shoot off fireworks in a controlled environment as it was on the Fourth of July.

There are a few changes this time around. Due to the amount of families with ground fireworks and those with aerial fireworks, Bedont said the Durrant lot would be sectioned off with an area specifically for those with aerial fireworks on the east side of the lot. The south side of the lot would be used for families and fireworks including sparklers and those of a ground variety.

Bedont cautioned that the city and county will be on the lookout for those shooting off fireworks in other areas. Someone caught shooting off fireworks could be given a warning or up to a Class B misdemeanor.

Another change for tonight's event is that the city will not be providing portable toilets due to costs, Bedont said.

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