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If it looks like a park, is used like a park, what is it called?

Sun Advocate associate editor

Just across the street from 68 S. Main in Helper is a little patch of grass with a gazebo, a grandstand and some bench seating. Locals have called it either Main Street Park or the Senior Citizens Park for about a decade now,

The word "park" is now a problem. It seems that anyone - even a senior citizen - could hurl a full bottle of liquor from 68 S. Main into the little park, which is less than 200 feet away.

The problem is that 68 South Main has been home to the town's liquor store, and there are hopes that it will reopen there again. However, even though the liquor store was there before the park, it has been closed and will have to get permission to reopen from the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

State law says package stores can't be located with 600 feet walking distance or 200 feet actual distance from such things as schools, churches - and parks, even though beer is sold in the little park during the Art and Music Festival.

At a city council meeting earlier this month, there was a short discussion on whether the little park could be defined as something else. It has neither restrooms nor playground equipment. Could it be called a "green space" instead?

No, said Councilman Robert Bradley. The city's zoning code defines green space as something within a park. Bradley said the city could not simply unname something that is already recongnized as a park.

So on Monday, July 30 at 11 a.m. in City Council chambers, DABC will hold a public hearing on granting a variance. Included in the variance would be the city library at 19 S. Main.

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