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Price City Yard of the Month winners announced for June

The tenth annual "All Spruced Up" Yard of the Month competition put on by Price City have announced four homeowners and one local business as winners for the month of June.

Castle Country Boutique, 14 E. Main, Price, was selected as the business with the Yard of the Month for the month of June.

Four homeowners around Price City were recognized for their work. They include:

Paul Cook;

Bruce and Kathy Sherman;

Lawrence Stella; and

Suda Merriman.

Winners will receive a 12" x 8" sign as a keepsake as part of Price City's appreciation for responsible landowners that display a sense of pride and keeping with the mission of the city in being a friendly, progressive and beautiful city.

Yards are judged on a "Drive by Curb Appeal" and to include the following criteria: clean and orderly, most beautiful, display of water conservation, uniqueness, clean gutters and clean park strips.

These are the first winners for the Yard of the Month competition. The next judging period is currently underway now from July 16-21 and the final round of judging will take place from Aug. 20-25. Photos of the yards and their homeowners and the selected business will be printed in the Sun Advocate soon after the winners are announced.

For more information on the Yard of the Month contest, contact Price City Councilmember Kathy Hanna-Smith at (435) 650-3922.

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