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ECC police arrest man suspected of torching own home

The Starzel house in East Carbon is completely engulfed in flames, endangering nearby homes in Thursday's fire.

Sun Advocate reporter

East Carbon Police have arrested a suspect for his alleged involvement in a structure fire which threatened several properties on the city's west side last Thursday.

According to city police officer Shawn Sackett, officials used the Utah State Fire Marshal's report along with several eyewitness accounts to arrest Chad Starzel, 35, of East Carbon for his part in the suspected arson of his own home.

"After the fire marshal talked with local witnesses, he deemed that their accounts were complicit with our suspect's involvement." said Sackett. "At that point we decided to make an arrest."

"From the evidence we have so far, this does not appear to be an accident," continued Sackett.

The fire began at approximately 9:30 p.m. last Thursday evening and quickly engulfed the entire structure at 121 8th West.

"The environment is so dry," said the officer. "We are very lucky that our local fire departments were able to contain the blaze and that no other homes were damaged."

Aside from Starzel being transported to Castleview Hospital apparently suffering from smoke inhalation, no injuries were reported concerning the fire.

"Our fire departments really came through on this fire," said Sackett, who also the first responder on scene at the time of the blaze. "They were able to protect the local neighborhood while putting down massive flames and keeping the public safe. That deluge gun makes a major difference with large fires, once they hit the structure with that gun, it knocked the fire right down."

In the morning following the fire, it became evident just how close the flames had came to burning parts of the neighborhood. Char marks could be seen on at least two properties which bordered the burned structure.

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