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Price City spells out limited use of fireworks on July 4

On June 28 the Price City Council adopted ordinances 2012-004 and 2012-005 pertaining to fire safety and the use of fireworks as well as fireworks use restrictions within Price City.

While Class C common Utah state fireworks are legal to sell and own, the use of those fireworks is now restricted within Price City.

Price city has restricted use of any fireworks within 150 feet of any undeveloped property or within 150 feet of any urban-wildland interface area.

Due to the extreme fire hazard conditions presently surrounding and within Price City the fire chief, under the terms of the ordinance, has further restricted use of fireworks within the city limits to the former Durrant Elementary School property which is now part of USU Eastern. The property is located at 600 East and 500 North. Fireworks can be used there between the hours of 9 p.m and midnight on July 4 only.

All other locations, dates, and times are restricted for the use of fireworks until such time as the restriction is lifted by the fire chief and Price City. Price city requests that all residents wishing to use legal fireworks within the city limits gather orderly at the above location and time. Other use of fireworks within price city, outside of the allowed area, date and time, may be subject to a violation of the ordinance and citations may be issued.

The city stated that they wanted to thank USU Eastern for the use of the property on July 4 so that citizens can still enjoy legal fireworks displays.

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