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Despite winless record, Price not about to give up anytime soon, coach says

Price pitcher John Grasso (above) waits for the sign from catcher Chris Smith during their game against Cyprus on Saturday afternoon.

Sun Advocate sports reporter

While it may be a difficult thing for a player of any sport to understand, losing can help an individual and a team to become better.

It's a tough lesson for Price to digest after going winless in four games at the Helper Tournament over the weekend.

Head coach Willie Ellington said the team has shown improvements across the board but notes that errors and lapses during the games have hurt the team.

"We're still battling out there trying to get our first win," Ellington said. "We have to stop committing errors and allowing teams to have big innings against us."

Despite the tough weekend, Ellington said the tournament could be a character building moment for the team.

"We need to put in a lot of work from this point to get better and learn to have that competitive edge in hanging with other teams down to the end of the game," he said.

While the results on the field may not be going the way the team envisioned things at the beginning of the season, Ellington said the team still has the privilege of going out and playing the game of baseball.

"While we are still looking for that first win, we're not going to be giving up anytime soon," Ellington said.

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