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	I, Robert P. Pero, Clerk of Carbon County, State of Utah do hereby
certify that the attached is all Vote Centers that will conduct the
regular primary election on Tuesday, the 26th day of June, 2012. 
Please be prepared to show pictured ID and/or proof of residence, if
needed.  Voting will take place between the hours of 7:00AM and
8:00PM.  Any questions, please call 636-3201.

	2	Scofield/Clear Creek		By Mail
	3 	Pleasant Valley		By Mail

	15	Wellington South		Wellington City Hall		
	19	Wellington North		150 W Main
	22	East County		Wellington, Utah 84542
	21	West Helper 		LDS Helper Stake Center
	 7   East Helper		150 Ridgeway	
					Helper, Utah  84526						
	25	East Carbon North		Senior Citizens Center							435-888-2194
	26	East Carbon South		451 Denver
	20	Sunnyside			East Carbon, Utah 84520

	16	Indian Hills		Carbon School District	
         	17 	East Price			251 West 400 North
	18	South Price		Price UT  84501
	30	Castle Heights North		
	31	Central Price			
	32	Northeast Price		
    	33	North Price			
     	34	Castle Heights			
	37	Spring Glen		Carbon Country Club		
					3055 N Highway 50-6	
					Helper, UT 84526			
          	27	Fairgrounds 	
	36	South County		Fairgrounds Community Center  
	38	Carbonville  		Carbon County Fairgrounds	
	39	Westwood		393 S Fairgrounds Rd
	40	Miller Creek Special		Price, Utah 84501
Published in the Sun Advocate June 21, 2012.

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