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Price council discusses roads, new master plan

Sun Advocate publisher

The Price City Council heard from a citizens concerned about the poor condition of some of the roads in the south part of town on Wednesday night at their regularly scheduled council meeting.

And they answered with the master plan they have been putting together for some time.

"I know you are working on the roads, but putting more asphalt on them is not the answer," said Juergen Kaehl who lives in south Price. "It is better to replace them."

Kaehl also pointed out that on the road in front of his house the asphalt has been built up over the years to where it is 4 or 5 inches above the gutter. He feels this is unsafe especially for people trying to get out of their vehicles.

He also told the council that he thought it was wrong for large trucks to be using 100 South between Carbon Avenue and 700 East as a route.

"They are beating up that road," said Kaehl. "We can feel them go by inside our house."

Mayor Joe Piccolo said that the master plan the city has been working on for improvements would be addressing many road condition issues that Kaehl brought up.

"We just recently completed our master plan," said the Mayor. "Actually we just all got to look at it for the first time last week."

Piccolo explained that the plan "puts things in a non-emotional perspective" when it comes to what roads would be redone first and what others would have to wait for awhile.

"Just remember that it would take two years to get the funding and planning done on any road that needs rebuilding," he said.

Piccolo invited Kaehl to come and look at the plan so he could see what direction the city is headed.

Councilperson Jeanie McEvoy voiced her concerns about the large trucks on 100 South that Kaehl had mentioned.

Councilperson Kathy Smith asked if the trucks were just local delivery trucks, but Kaehl said he felt they were using that road rather than the by-pass that is situated south of town. She then said that the city might need to look at some kind of restrictions on what trucks can take 100 South.

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