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Flag day dedication

Flag raisers struggle a little in the wind as Old Glory bellows out like a balloon on Thursday during an emotional dedication.

Sun Advocate publisher

A new flag and flagpole have graced the west entrance to Price City for a couple of months now, but the formality of dedicating the monument to freedom didn't take place until Thursday: Flag Day.

In an appropriate presentation that included speeches by various officials and citizens, the 20 X 30 foot flag was raised the 80 feet to the top of the flagpole. Because of its size it took 10 people to make sure it was raised properly.

The flag puts another jewel in the improvement the city is trying to make to the west entrance of the city. For years much of the area along 100 North by the by-pass road was run down, but recently Price City along with the private landowners in the area have made some vast improvements to the appearance.

It began when some old trees were cut down, bushes and natural growth was planted and some picnic tables were put in. Then came the opening of the Price River Walking Trail, Now the flagpole has been dedicated.

The pole sits on property that belongs to the Price Chapel. At one time the church asked the owner of the property if they could buy the land, but the owner decided to keep it. Then eight years ago the owner approached the church with a proposition; if they wanted the land it was theirs if they just paid the back taxes on it. Now with the addition of the flag pole church leaders say they want to improve it and make it a beauty spot.

The flagpole itself is 12 inches at the base and tapers up to four inches at the top. The 80 feet above the ground is supported by a pipe buried in the ground eight feet and a concrete base.

Ceremonies by the American Legion and the Boy Scouts highlighted the ceremony.

It was an especially emotional day, because only two days before 100 North was lined with flags as members of the local National Guard troop were presented in a parade on their way out of town for deployment in Afghanistan.

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