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National Guard's Blackhawk choppers rescue Emery rafters

Soldiers of the Utah Army National Guard's Second Battation, 211th Aviation, assisted Emery County Search and Rescue Tuesday morning in locating six rafters missing since Monday on the San Rafael River.

In keeping with the Utah National Guard's mission to respond at the request of state

and local authorities during emergencies, the 2-211th (Second of the 211th) has been training with Emery County and other local jurisdictions this week on search-and-rescue and medical-response procedures. UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter crews were in the area and were asked by the Emery County Sheriff's office for assistance.

The Utah Army National Guard unit responded immediately, transporting Emery County search-and-rescue personnel. The 2-211th crew located the missing rafters and landed the helicopter nearby.

Emery County Sheriff personnel administered first aid to the tired and dehydrated rafters.

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