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Fire burns over 3 acres in Helper

Looking down from a hillside, a fire burned out of control in Helper on Friday morning leaving more than three acres blackened from the fire.
Helper Fire Fighter Lenora Callor uses the hose to shoot water at a burned tree after a fire broke out in town on Friday morning. Helper Fire Chief Mike Zamantakis said the fire may have been started by children.

By KEVIN SCANNELL Sun Advocate reporter

A fire broke out near the Helper City Park leaving over three acres of burned brush just below the city cemetery on Friday morning.

Helper Fire Chief Mike Zamantakis said the fire originated from a pit near the park which got out of control and began spreading up a hill around 11 a.m. Helper fire fighters were called out to the scene shortly after and were joined by a Bureau of Land Management crew that was already in the area at the time.

The fire moved rapidly as the brush in the area quickly acclerated leaving much of the acerage blackened and smoldering after fire fighters doused the area with water.

"It was a fast moving fire, with lots of smoke," he said noting many people could see the smoke from U.S. 6 and the surrounding areas.

Zamantakis said there was trash found at the pit near the park which may have indicated young kids started the fire and ran off when it became out of control.

Because Carbon County experienced a low amount of snowfall over the course of the winter and early spring seasons, much of the land in the county is dry and vulnerable to fires. Zamantakis said residents of Helper should be careful and heed any fire warnings when they are announced.

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