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Hinkins sentenced for up to 30 years on five counts of attempted murder

Gary Hinkins Jr.

By JOHN SERFUSTINI Sun Advocate associate editor

Gary Hinkins Jr. was sentenced May 29 to as many as 30 years in the Utah State Prison on five counts of attempted murder. Hinkins, 41, had pleaded guilty to the charges last March.

Seventh Judicial District Court Judge Douglas B. Thomas set the sentence on each count to an indeterminate term of one to 15 years, to be served consecutively. However, the judge ordered that the total sentence will not exceed 30 years.

The charges and sentence result from a day and night of violence in southwest Price on Feb. 26, 2011. Hinkins had severely bludgeoned his wife with a crowbar, then fired shotgun slugs at four law enforcement officers who had come later to investigate. One of the slugs struck Deputy Sheriff Mike Hreinson in his holster and keyring, causing minor injuries from shrapnel.

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