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New Price police chief takes the helm

Kevin Drolc takes the oath of office Friday from Price Justice Court Judge Elayne Storrs.

By KEVIN SCANNELL Sun Advocate reporter

When Captain Kevin Drolc swore the oath in taking over as the new Chief with the Price Police Department at the Price City Council chamber on Friday afternoon, it was the culimination of a smooth transition to the lead position for the department.

The transition from Captain to Chief officially took place at exactly 3:32 p.m. on Thursday as former Price Police Chief Aleck Shilaos signed off with a 10-42 call to dispatch, effectively ending his tour of duty with the department after 30 years of service.

Drolc, 54, credits Shilaos with helping lead a growing department for 25 years and setting a good example from which he hopes to build off of in his tenure as chief.

"Aleck has helped build a great department here in Price," Drolc said in an interview shortly after the department finished holding a retirement party for Shilaos. "You can learn a lot while working with someone like him and I feel confident about stepping into the position as chief."

For Drolc, the move to chief is another achievement in a long law enforcement career for the Carbon County resident. Born in Twin Falls, Idaho, Drolc's family later moved to Helper and East Carbon City. He graduated from East Carbon High School and later started his law enforcement career in 1979 with the Carbon County Sheriff's Department. After eight years with the CCSO, Drolc took a position as a patrol officer with the Price Police Department. In August, Drolc will celebrate 25 years with the department.

"Price is a good, safe place to live and raise a family," he said. "I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

Over the years Drolc began to attain higher ranks in the department, including becoming a Sergeant in 1990, Liuentant in 2003 and later moved into the position of Captain.

While Drolc is officially moving into the role of chief, this is not his first time stepping into the lead position for the department. He became Acting Chief in 2010 while Shilaos took a leave of absence after being dianosed with cancer and stayed in that role until Shilaos returned nearly a year later. Shilaos officially announced his retirement on March 26.

During that time Drolc said he learned the ins and outs of the position including having to manage a department with 21 employees. Now as the chief, Drolc said he hopes to take the role and help keep the department running strong towards the future.

"Aleck and I have ran the department for the last 10 years together," he said. "Being given the opportunity to run the department, I just want to take it and run as far as I can with it."

Drolc and the rest of the Price Police Department gave a unique sendoff to Shilaos as they made sure he was well prepared for retirement. Among the many gifts he was given, the department worked together and gave Shilaos an old bike complete with lots of yellow crime scene tape, a fire extinguisher on the back which could be used as a rocket and a flashlight taped to the handlebars to see while patrolling at night.

"The retirement ceremony for Aleck was well done," he said.

Some of the things Drolc said he will be working on includes continuing to building closer relationships with other entities in the area and eventually working towards a paperless system at the office. Along with that, Drolc said he is working on putting together a full department after the retirement of Shilaos and other officers.

With lots of work to be done, including moving into a new office down the hall from his long occupied office, Drolc said he isn't surprised there is much to do starting in his first week as chief.

"There is quite a bit going on right now," he quipped. "There is a learning curve stepping into a new position but I'm very lucky to be here."

Despite entering his 25th year with the department, each day holds plenty of unique challenges and situations, Drolc said. When thinking about his first day on the job, Drolc said he would look to deal with each challenge as they come.

"I'll be back at work and will be ready to see what kind of challenges are waiting for us," he said.

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